Litigation Support

Business CPA SupportBankruptcy

Understanding the subtle nuances of bankruptcy comes from experience. KenWood professionals have worked with some of the largest bankruptcy trustees in the nation. And, they are well suited to work with individual trustees. The services provided include: preparation of fee applications for the courts, preparation of tax returns and observations, and as expert witnesses.

Business Interruption

In accident or disaster cases KenWood professionals can assemble facts to show the extent of the trauma to the firm. Properly framed business details supported with in-depth knowledge of the inter-workings of commerce become a plan for the most efficient and effective way to resume business.

Lost Profits

Professional accounting as well as business consultation can research and determine the amount of profit lost due to specific circumstances. Projected losses based upon hard evidence can aid in determining the extent of damages.

Transactional Disputes

Disagreements between vendors and suppliers and buyers can be defined to allow a clear determination. Expert support helps determine who is at fault and who the rightful recipient should be.

Our Service

The Litigation Services provided by KenWood & Associates is a resource for both the court system and attorneys. Professionals with the firm are experienced in preparing material required for trial, understanding both the content and presentation required for this specialized field.

The experience represented by KenWood range from that gained working with major international public accounting firms to specialized studies required by litigants. This includes expert testimony in such fields as taxation, accounting, assurance or auditing, as well as the practical overview of the financial aspects of business.

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