Bankruptcy & Receivership

We provide experts guidance with navigating the complexities of bankruptcy and receivership through our comprehensive services for trustees and receivers. Our tailored solutions prioritize compliance, professionalism, and transparent communication throughout the process.
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Bankruptcy Services

KenWood specializes in providing comprehensive tax services for receivership and bankruptcy cases. Our expert team ensures accurate tax reporting and compliance, easing the burden during financially challenging times. We navigate complex tax laws to maximize your benefits and minimize liabilities, providing guidance to you on the most advantageous actions to take when handling bankruptcy cases.

Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of each case, ensuring thorough and compliant filings and comprehensive tax services. We stay updated on the latest regulations to provide you with timely advice and support. With KenWood, you will receive dedicated attention and a commitment to resolving your tax questions efficiently and effectively.


We specialize in providing comprehensive receivership services tailored to meet the unique financial and operational challenges of distressed businesses. Our expert team of CPAs and advisors bring extensive experience in managing and overseeing the assets of companies in receivership.

We work diligently to stabilize your financial situation, ensuring all legal and regulatory requirements are met with precision and integrity. From detailed asset management to meticulous financial reporting, our goal is to maximize the value returned to creditors while guiding businesses towards a path of recovery and sustainability.

Expert Witness

Providing a specialized, unbiased and independent financial opinion to juries to help them access the factual evidence of cases.